The African Woman and Pestle

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The African Woman and Pestle

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, more than 50 percent of Africa’s population are women and they produce 33 percent of the continent’s combined GDP.  Women’s education, financial inclusion and violence against women are all issues that need attention globally, but they observed that the situation tends to be worse in Africa.

Particularly in the village setting, in the context of which the APA emerged, Dr Karamo Sonko has observed that the African woman has survived the worst of life since time immemorial and continues to triumph over incredible daily struggles to maintain her place in society with dignity. She is the cornerstone and the main pillar of the family, their smiles and their endurance.  In the numerous African societies where the pestle is used, especially in West Africa where he grew up, the African pestle (especially in the hands of a woman and pounding into a mortar) is a symbol of these great qualities of African women.

The conceptual meanings and literal usages of the African pestle are utilized within the setting of a modern organization and shown their effectiveness in enhancing an entity’s sustainable performance in the pursuit of the desired objectives. In short, the African PESTLE as a tool in management science or strategic management can help any company, organization or even individuals (in/outside Africa) to identify their challenges/problems in important areas, the solutions and how to execute the solutions with the team that the pounding African woman, pestle and mortar symbolize.

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